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S.R.E.P.         Chapter - IV


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I.    Ongoing Extension and Development Programme

Munger district is fortunate to have of ecological situations like Diara, Tal, Plain and Hilly. Presently, a number of development schemes are operating in the district under various line departments. All departments have two scheme like extension component and development component. Keeping in view the integrated development of the district, besides line departments, Integrated Rural Development  Agency also supports many development scheme in the district.


Various organization and institutions in public and private sectors are functioning in the district to cater to the needs of the farmers.


The Department’s ongoing extension and development activities are as follows: -



II.    Department of Agriculture

The District Agriculture Office is located at District Headquarters, Munger, headed by the District Agriculture Officer. In addition, District Planning and Evaluation Officer and District Agriculture Engineer are also posted to help the District Agriculture Officer. At the district level, three agriculture officers of different faculties like Agronomy, Plant protection and jute are posted.


At the sub divisional level, the post of sub divisional agriculture officer has been provided. There are nine blocks in the district and at every block the post of Block Agriculture officer has been created. For three newly created blocks, post of BAO is yet to be created.


Under Training and visit programme for the  agriculture extension project, the post of District Agriculture Officer (Extension) at the district level is provided. One post of sub Divisional Agriculture Officer (Extension) at the sub-divisional level has been created udder extension programme with one SMS, four senior Agriculture Extension Officers and four Agriculture Extension officers sanctioned. The provision of 64 Agriculture Extension workers who responsible for Agriculture extension work at Panchayat  level has been made.


The Department of agriculture is responsible for the implementation of various central and state government schemes. It  is also supported to provide technical guidance to farmers by conducting field demonstration, adaptive trials and organizing training camps. The District Agriculture Officer is responsible for the supply of quality inputs to farmers with the help of sub-divisional agriculture officer and block  agriculture officers. The departments of agriculture has to co-ordinate with  the input supply agencies to censure timely supply of input to farmers. The department of agriculture has to co-ordinate with irrigation Department, for timely supply of irrigation water to the farmer’s field. Commercial Banks and Co-operative Banks also work with full co-ordination with the Department of Agriculture in  advancement of crop loans (Table I).



I. 1    Soil Testing Laboratories

There is one soil Testing laboratory located at Munger. The soil chemist is in-charge of this soil testing lab, and is supported by two Assistance Research Officers and two Lab Assistants. Two Lab Attendants have also been provided in the laboratory. The facility of soil test provided to the farmers free of cost. The purpose of soil test is to make farmers aware aware of the nutrient state of soil and use of fertilizers recommended by the laboratory. The overall purpose of soil test is the balanced and economic and economic use of fertilizers by the farmers. The farmers are being benefited by the lab in respect of soil status of the field.  



I. 2    Plant Protection

At the district level, a Junior Plant Protection Officer is the in-charge of this section and is assisted by Plant Protection Inspectors and Plants Protection Supervisor at the center level supported by KAMDAR. This section helps supply plant protection material and technical support to farmers. They are also engaged in surveillance and eradication of pest and disease. Intensive pest management and diagnosis of pest is also conducted by this unit.


I. 3    Horticulture

The District Horticulture Officer is in-charge of the Horticulture Department of the district and is assisted by Sub-Division Horticulture Officer and Horticulture Inspectors. Trained Mails are provided for the nursery development works. At present the infrastructure of Department of Horticulture is to be developed.


The Department of Horticulture has to provide technical guidance and financial assistance to develop orchards to boost horticulture production. In Horticulture Development Department three important programmes are under operation, namely, Fruit Production Programme, Nursery Development Programme and Vegetable Development Programmes.


I. 4    Animal Husbandry Department

The Department of Animal Husbandry has a significant role in the economic development of the district.


Various Scheme of Animal Husbandry Department


1.   Treatment of diseased animals.

2.    Vaccination to control epidemic.

3.    Castration.

4.    Artificial Insemination.

5.    Cattle Breeding Development.

6.    Poultry Development.

7.    Goat Rearing.

8.    Piggery Development.

9.    Fodder Development.

10.  Training of farmer in the field of Animal Husbandry.


The Department of Animal Husbandry is headed by the District Animal Husbandry Officer (DAHO), Supported by Sub-Divisional Animal Husbandry Officer (SAHO), Key Village Officer (KVO), Assistant Key Village Officer (AKVO), Senior Veterinary Surgeon (SVS), Touring Veterinary Officer (TVO), Block Animal Husbandry Officer (BAHO), In BD Scheme (ICDP) headed by Cattle Development Officer (CDO), Artificial Insemination Officer (AIO), Animal Husbandry Officer (DAHO), Fodder Development Officer (FDO) and Veterinary officer (VO) are posted.


Roles and Responsibility of the DAHO and Subordination Staff

1.    The DAHO is the head of the Department of Animal Husbandry in the District. He is the leader who guides and instructs the institution in the whole district. All the schemes are implemented by hem in co-operative with high officials.


2.    SAHO is the head at the Sub-Divisional Level. He has all the delegated powers and functions of DAHO at the sub-divisional level.


3.    (a) BAHO is the implementing officer of the department at the Block level.

       (b) TVO is responsible for treatment of ailing animals, vaccination, castration, etc.


Functions of the subordinating officers under the DAHO

1.    CDO -    He is the head of the Cattle Development Block. He has all power as DAHO in his Cattle Development Block institution.


2.      AIO -       He is subordinating officer of CDO. He helps to implements the technical work of CDO.


3.      VO -      He is subordinate to CDO. He helps to implements the treatment and other supporting work of CDO.


4.      FDO -      He is a subordinating officer of CDO. He helps to implemented works of CDO.


5.    (a) KVO -    He is incharge of Key Village Block having at least 10 centre of artificial insemination.

       (b) AKVO -  He is incharge of Key Village Centers situated in developed areas.


Main Object of the Scheme

1.    Welfare of the suffering animals.


2.    Development of animal wealth.


3.    Employment to the rural and poor people.


4.    To provide nutritious food to the Nation.


5.    Major contribution to enhance the economy of the country.


Infrastructure and facilities available


1.    Hospital and Dispensaries:

All the facilities like official furniture, medicines, vaccines and instruments have been provided.


2.    Artificial Insemination Centers:

All the facilities like official furniture, artificial insemination equipments, Iron Crate-medicines have been provided.


3.    Block Animal Husbandry Wing:

All the facilities like official furniture, medicines, vaccines, instruments have been provided.




I. 5    Agriculture Marketing Wing

The Department of Agriculture in the district also has one Agriculture Marketing Section to supervise the sales of farm produce and also to provide AGMARK facility for agriculture products. It is headed by Secretary of the Krihsi Bazar Samithi. The Sub-divisional officer (Civil) is the Chairman of the Samithi. The market Secretary is working directly under the Director of the Marketing Board located at the State Headquarters.


I. 6    Institution of Rajendra Agriculture University at District Level - Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK).

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, a unit of Rajendra Agriculture University is also located at Munger which is run by the University. The Chief Training Orgainiser (CTO) is the incharge of the Krishi  Vigyan Kendra and is assisted by a Senior Scientist and Junior Scientist along with supporting staff. The Scientist or the Assistant Professors are from different faculties like Agronomy, Plant Protection, Horticulture, Animal Science, Home Science and Extension Education. The Major Component of the KVK is to conducted training for farmers, farm women and rural youth and extension functionaries. Besides, front line demonstration on oil-seeds, pulses and cereals are also conducted. Seed production of oil-seeds and pulses are also conducted here.


I. 7    Co-operative Department

The District Co-operative Officer is incharge of Co-operative Department at the district level supported by assistant Registrar, Co-operative Societies along with Co-operative Societies along with Co-operative Extension Officers. The Co-operative Department is supposed to help the farmers by granting co-operative loans and other input supplies.


I. 8    Fisheries Department

The Department of Fisheries is headed by District Fisheries Officer at Munger. Other than the District Fisheries Officer, Senior Fisheries Extension Officers are also posted and help in extension of Schemes. Fisheries is one of the most important enterprises in the district.


Department of Agriculture

District Agriculture Officer, Munger

District Agriculture Officer (Extension) Sub-divisional Agriculture Officer Soil Chemist Junior Plant Protection Officer District Horticulture Officer


Sub-divisional Agri. Officer (Extension)

Block Agriculture Officer

Assistant Research Officer

Plant Protection Inspector

Sub-divisional Horticulture Officer

Sr. Agri. Extn. Officer/ Agri. Extension Officer

Supporting Staff

Laboratory Assistant

Plant Protection Supervisor

Supporting Staff

Village Extension Worker                                           Supporting Staff                    Supporting Staff



Department of Animal Husbandry

District Animal Husbandry Officer, Munger

Sub-divisional Animal Husbandry Officer Veterinary Surgeon Artificial Insemination Officer

Block Animal Husbandry Officer

Travelling Veterinary Officer

     Key Village Officer

Cattle Development Officer

Livestock Assistant

Supporting Staff

Assistant Key Village Officer

Veterinary Officer

Fodder Development Officer


Supporting Staff

Supporting Staff



Department of Fisheries

District Fisheries Officer, Munger.

Junior Fisheries Officer

Block Level Fisheries Extension Officer

Fisheries Supervisor


Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Munger


Details about ongoing schemes implemented by different Development Departments in Munger district during financial year 2000-2001.

Sl. No.

Name of Department/ Organisation 

Name of Scheme

Type of activities Extension Component


Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa, Samastipur. Krishi Vigyan Kendra (ICAR) Scheme. 1. Training of farmers, farm women, rural youth and extension functionaries.

2. Front line demonstration on oil-seeds, pulses, Cereals.

3. On station trail on pulses.

4. Seed production of pulse.

5. Agronomic and soil science experiments on dry land crops.


Animal Husbandry

Details about ongoing schemes implemented by different Development Departments in Munger District


Sl. No. Name of Department/ Organisation Name of Scheme Type of activities
Extension Component Department Component


Animal Husbandry

Non-plan hospital & dispensaries.


R. P. Scheme.




B. D. Scheme. Post Stage II.

C.D. Block.

To search out.



The R. P. disease treatment and castration.














Dairy Development

Formation of Dairy Co-operative Society.

Formation of Society Training

Supply of Improved breed.


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